From an early age, my father taught me the power of art, branding, color, corporate identity, and design.  As a business owner, he led by example to highlight companies best characteristics through effective marketing and design.  Bob also taught me that your “Network is your Networth” and the importance of building business relationships.  Today, these skills and values are a part of my every day life, and shape how I see the world.

Previously nominated SMPS Marketer of the Year, I strive to be a CREATIVE CONNECTOR.  Through cultivation of personal and business connections and reliance upon my own technical background and understanding of the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, I open and deepen communication and facilitate the flow of creative ideas and inspiration between clients and technical staff.

I build business relationships based on trust and confidence that provide a strong foundation for future cooperative endeavors.  I serve as a mentor to others and empower through understanding.

I succeed when:

  • The company’s brand aligns with corporate objectives and is recognized as an expert throughout the industry, it’s value widely recognized and differentiated in the marketplace.
  •  Clients trust the company to deliver on promises.
  •  Project objectives are clearly and effectively communicated and documented both internally and with teaming partners.
  • Employees are happy and guided by corporate culture, having the skills necessary to effectively communicate with clients in promoting company growth objectives.




Rachel is exceptional at putting professional staff in front of clients to maximize relationships and understanding client needs. She is highly motivated and can lead marketing pursuits for professional staff and guide them to win work.


Senior Project Manager