Today’s clients are smarter, and have more choices when it comes to selecting a professional services firm. With competition flooding the market, complex project demands, and the ever-increasing need to differentiate, the time is now to invest in strategic marketing and business development for your firm.

People do business with people they like…and trust. Rachel Treanor will highlight the importance of your technical staff’s role in the sales process. Paired with effective organization and follow-up, employees can get comfortable with business development basics, learn expectations, and participate in building a firm-wide business development culture.

Your technical staff can implement these skills when seeking out creative partnering opportunities, networking, discussing project dynamics, and most important relating directly to the client.

The Teach, Track, Transform platform includes:

  • Teaching technical staff about specific growth goals and how their expertise relates to that
  • Tracking every “touch” with prospects and adhering to disciplined follow-up
  • Transforming the way your firm approaches growth opportunities, and operates around the “everyone selling mentality”