Behind The Build- Ways I Support the Built Environment

Business development and marketing in a professional service firm is an integral part of feeding the pipeline.

Throughout my career, I have worked in the field, and have experience with all phases of the project lifecycle- from conception through completion. Over the years, I have gained experience of how professional construction services are bought and sold, and how they relate to the client’s development objectives.

This field experience has allowed me to excel in my current role as in business development and marketing. I am consistently conducting market research to identify markets and opportunities to give us the best opportunity to obtain work and positions strategically for future work. Check out  this article to hear more:

EQUITY- Your perspectives matter!

The link between diversity and a company’s financial performance is nothing new.  Specifically, as gender diversity tends to be a plus for profits, companies are taking notice.  Women in architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) careers continue to be a source of competitive advantages and are key for growth.   Therefore, companies should continue to discuss and implement best practices for creating equitable, diverse, and inclusive environments in the workplace. The more companies can support and build a dynamic culture; one that is balanced, and encourages and supports women to participate and thrive, the more diverse and therefore profitable a company can become.    The construction industry is no different!  I want to always align with companies where women occupy top roles in ownership, project management, estimating, accounting, marketing and business development.  More about my involvement supporting such causes can be found here: